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Product Care

Silver & gold are the most malleable of all metals, we recommend that you remove your jewellery when sleeping, or during any strenuous activity. Delicate pieces can easily be bent and lose their shape if not treated with care.

A silver cleaner can be used to clean sterling silver pieces. Ideally, store silver pieces in an airtight bag to help reduce tarnishing. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels to clean metal as they can cause scratching.

To clean gold vermeil jewellery, buff very gently with a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. Never use chemical cleaners .

To protect your jewellery, pieces should be individually placed in a pouch or within a soft lined box to stop them being scratched or tangled. Ideally store your jewellery in a dark, cool and dry place, and try to keep pieces apart to avoid friction damage or tangling.

Clean opaque stones, such as opals, lapis lazuli, jade, turquoise and malachite, by wiping them with a moist cloth after each wearing. Avoid exposing these stones to soap and water; according to the International Colored Gemstone Association, these gemstones are basically rock-and not crystals from a single mineral-and could absorb the water and soap.

Clean organic gemstones like pearls, coral and amber by wiping them with a soft cloth after each wearing to remove dust and body oils from the gemstones. Protect them from exposure to hairspray, perfume or cosmetics, as the chemicals in these products can damage organic gemstones over time.

Pearls are organic gemstones and therefore to preserve their radiance, avoid letting pearls come into contact with cosmetics, hair spray, perfume, detergents, the sea, swimming pools and saunas. We recommend removing jewellery when you shower or have a bath, particularly if you are wearing strung pearls. The string will weaken and stretch when wet and become more prone to breaking suddenly. 

Clean transparent semi-precious gemstones. Fill a container and put a tiny amount of mild liquid soap in the water. Place the gemstones in the soapy water and allow them to soak.

Rinse the Jewellery thoroughly under running water and lay it on a soft cloth to dry.

Sadly, gemstones sometimes fall out of their settings with wear, as much as we would like our jewellery to last forever, that is not always the case. Wear and tear will set in, and over time, your jewellery won’t be able to hold the stone anymore. If your jewellery is constantly exposed to dirt, it will wear away faster, as it will find its way into gaps, which will slowly dislodge the stone.

Titanium Jewellery, to keep it's bright color should be washed in warm soapy water and dried with tissue paper.

If you wear your SWAX pieces every day, first of all, thank you! We are ecstatic that you love our products enough to make them your daily staple. However over the time, it is inevitable that the protective rhodium, platinum or gold plating will wear away over the time.

Showing a little love and taking care of your pieces will forestall this natural wear and tear.

Each item meets the highest standards of quality however, once purchased each items life expectancy is dependent on how well it is cared for. By placing an order with us, customers agree that the Care Guide has been read and clearly understood.